Trust Tax

Trust Tax

Trusts are primarily used to protect assets for any number of reasons but they can also have tax advantages.

As trusts are, in most cases, legally separate from both trustees and beneficiaries, they have their own tax compliance regime and tax rates.

Cansdales Tax Department can advise you on the use of trusts in tax planning and asset protection, deal with all the tax compliance issues such as the preparation and submission of Trust Tax Returns and advise you on the trust’s tax liabilities.

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Cansdales has been a trusted partner of Prospects for a number of years. As our auditors they visit our main offices in Reading and our Services for the people we support. Working in our environment can be challenging, requiring a sympathetic and often supportive ear. Never losing site of their professionalism, they suggest improvements in systems, provide timely VAT, tax and business advice as we need it and ensure we meet our legal requirements. Prospects is a Christian voluntary organisation which values and supports people with learning disabilities so that they live their lives to the full
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