Cansdales Ltd strives to deliver innovative services that are both cost effective and practical. We provide you with advice and solutions covering all aspects of investment, pensions, protection of income and wealth, tax and financial planning.

We are independent and directly regulated by the FCA. Our aim is to deliver simple and easy to understand solutions to the complex issues you face today, so that you can plan for the future with confidence and certainty.


For our Private Clients

We will help you build a stable and effective financial plan for your future. This will be advice led and solution orientated and will focus on:

Building a suitable pension fund for your retirement,

Funding unnecessary tax bills.

Obtaining the right annuity with your pension fund.

Insuring your life, your health and protect your family.

Providing medical support for you and your family.

Building capital through a savings and investment strategy.

Keeping your plans on track with our annual review service.

For our Corporate Clients

Cansdales Ltd can help you select a pension scheme for your business which, as an employer, you can participate in as much, or as little, as you wish. We will provide the advice you need to set up the pension scheme and show you how to run it as cost effectively as possible, with minimum disruption to internal systems and procedures.

Setting up and running a pension scheme, if approached in the wrong way, can be costly and time consuming for the employer. We offer you expert advice on the most appropriate way to establish a scheme to meet your company’s and your employees’ needs.

We offer a choice:

Ongoing support in the running of your scheme, so that your involvement in time-consuming administration matters can be kept to an absolute minimum. We will conduct a review the of scheme on a regular basis

A review service which will help you tailor a package to the specific needs of your business. Effective communication is vital to a successful benefits program.

Advice and education in the workplace using a variety of communication tools is essential if you wish to maximize the investment you make in providing your employees with non salary benefits.

Our Advice covers the Following Main Services

Tax efficient investments

Asset allocation and investments and portfolio planning

Planning for retirement