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Cansdales Ltd publishes newsletters periodically on a variety of subjects. We also provide a summary of the investment markets, both past and present, which might be useful to both you, your family and friends.

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The benefit of advice

According to recent research, £13 billion of investors’ money is languishing in poor performing investment funds. Having your investments with a limited number of investment companies, banks or other institutions will limit your ability to ‘cherry-pick’ good fund managers from bad.

What is important is having the facility to make fund switches straightforward and cost effective allowing you to change a fund as and when necessary, with the greatest of ease.

With the advent of fund supermarkets and wraps there really is no reason for not holding a selection of the best funds available in your portfolio. In addition, one of the cornerstones of our service proposition is managing, reviewing and, where necessary, making ongoing changes to your investments to ensure they continue to meet your objectives.

If you are not benefiting from this or need a professional review of your investment portfolio please contact John Thornton on 01494 765428 or email Your initial meeting with us is complimentary.

Cansdales Ltd can help you to construct, maintain and review your investment portfolio. We have the tools to review your current investments, create a personalised profile to match your attitude to risk to choose investments and to formulate an appropriate combination of investments to suit your own objectives.

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